Eating Around the Globe: Belgium (Limburg!)

“Waar in ‘t bronsgroen eikenhout, ‘t nachtegaaltje zingt, over ‘t malse korenveld, ‘t lied des leeuweriks klinkt, waar de hoorn des herders schalt, langs der beekjes boord: Daaaaaar is mijn vaderland, Limburgs dierbaar ooooooooord! Daaaaaar is mijn vaderland, Limburgs dierbaar oord!” Forgive me this sudden outburst of patriotism 🙂 There’s namely a very good reason for it! This evening I am making a speciality of … Continue reading Eating Around the Globe: Belgium (Limburg!)

Eating Around the Globe: Sri Lanka

  “Traveling without a book is like cooking curry without spices” Tell them I said so. With Oliver Twist as my travel companion, I am taking the U-bahn to Vino’s student residence in ‘Margarethenhöhe’, a lovely neighbourhood in Essen. Lots of trees and an early 19th century architecture make it a very picturesque district. I am so excited! He is going to show me how … Continue reading Eating Around the Globe: Sri Lanka

A Collection of Impressions

The light was dim in the dining room and nobody spoke a word. A serene melancholy hung as a murky haze over the group of people who were gathered together. Time seemed to go unrealistically slow. Most of the food – a leftover from the weekend – lay cold and unappetizing on the large table. It spread a nasty smell in the house. Although the … Continue reading A Collection of Impressions

I Cried

And all of a sudden everybody started to scream. Gasps, cries, shouts, prayers filled the air. People were running, stumbling through the crowd, terror and bewilderment on everyone’s face. What had happened? What had happened? The air grew dense with anger, leaving hardly any space to breathe. More and more people came and joined the chaos, astonished by the recent horror. Upset, vexed, enraged. Tears. … Continue reading I Cried

Eating Around the Globe: Turkey

It’s Sunday morning and that means time for a rich breakfast! Fatma has invited me to her apartment to have a traditional Turkish breakfast together. She lives in the same student dorm and on the same floor as I am, so I don’t even have to put on shoes to go there ^^ She is an Erasmus student from the university of Ankara, where she … Continue reading Eating Around the Globe: Turkey

The International Dinner Table

Hello there! Welcome to my virtual housewarming party 🙂 Since this is my very first international blog post, I think it deserves to be celebrated! Feel free to take off your shoes and put your chair around my table, let’s make it warm and cosy! My name is Lien, I’m a Belgian student on Erasmus in Essen, Germany. I have been living here now for … Continue reading The International Dinner Table