The International Dinner Table

Hello there!
Welcome to my virtual housewarming party 🙂

Since this is my very first international blog post, I think it deserves to be celebrated!
Feel free to take off your shoes and put your chair around my table, let’s make it warm and cosy!

My name is Lien, I’m a Belgian student on Erasmus in Essen, Germany.
I have been living here now for approximately one month and I felt like sharing some of the many interesting moments I am experiencing.
Residing in a city with such a name (Essen= the German word for ‘eating’ and ‘food’ ^^) I couldn’t find a more suitable image for my Erasmus adventure than a large dinner table filled with juicy conversations and exotic accents.
It describes what this experience is all about: Just like the dinner table at home, Erasmus is about sharing an important part of your life with a multi-coloured family.

Feeling hungry yet?
Do drop by whenever you feel like it and join the Erasmus atmosphere.
My door is always open!



2 thoughts on “The International Dinner Table

  1. Hallo Lien!
    Superleuk om te zien dat je een eigen blog hebt opgestart!
    En natuurlijk superleuk om te zien dat je het daar naar je zin hebt! 😉
    Nog heel veel plezier daar en ik zal zeker af en toe eens komen kijken op je blog 😉
    Groetjes Sarah Plu

    Liked by 1 person

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