All Roads Lead to…

I left Essen a week ago…

Thinking back feels weird.
I cannot describe how I felt on sunday, when arriving here in Brussels… It was like a million years had passed during the car trip from Essen to Brussels, as if I was thrown into a completely different world and my time in Essen had only existed in a dream.

Hmm.. I guess the lack of sleep also played a major role in how I felt ^^

Still miss it every day, but I adapted to the life here in Brussels more quickly than I thought I would.

Bruxelles, ma belle, ik heb je toch wel gemist…


Maybe it’s because I missed my lovely friends here in Brussels and I was glad to see them back, maybe it’s because I have loads of work to do, maybe it’s because I went home and spent some time with my family…
Most probably it’s because the most crazy friend I’ve ever met visited me on wednesday. Vino’s visit didn’t only cheer me up, it showed me that the world is still as small as it was in Essen, that there are many ways to keep contact with the people you love and that all roads lead to…

Friendship 🙂

1962644_10154260580599026_356635495923300311_n (1)

I want to say thank you to everyone who joined me on my Erasmus journey: Thank you to my friends in Essen, to my friends and family who waited patiently for my return and to you, my readers, for letting me share my important and less important experiences.

This is the last article of this blog, but certainly not the last one I’ll ever write.

Keep dreaming, keep making friends, travelling, talking, reading, writing, dancing,…
and most importantly, don’t forget to share your dinner table every now and then: you never know who will come and join you.

x Lien


3 thoughts on “All Roads Lead to…

  1. nice article, i’ve always tried to express in words this feeling that the place where you’ve been on hoilday or, in this case in Erasmus, belonged to a “dream”, maybe existing just in your mind. Veel plezier in België! Groetjes van een Italiaanse vriendin x

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    1. thank you for the sweet words! Enjoy the rest of your stay in Germany 🙂 spero che te mai incontrare a bere un caffè (sorry for the mistakes haha ^^) maybe in Belgium, Sicily or Germany.. 😉 x

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