Welcome Back!

Hi there, my sweet international internetters!

How have you been doing, lately?

I took a little blog-holiday to concentrate on some other things, like writing my bachelorpaper -I graduated! yay 🙂 – reading a couple of books -what a surprise- and planning my next Erasmus!


Yes, you heard that right 🙂 at the moment I am enjoying the mediterranean life in the south of France, Montpellier, to be more precise.
A pittoresque city not far from the sea, where you can find markets and little vintage shops on every street corner, where people are always ‘un quart d’heure Monpelliérain*’ late and the air smells like citrus and fresh rosemary.

But something was missing…
You of course!
I could not keep this beauty all to myself. So after having dealt with the seemingly endless pile of administrative tasks, I decided it was time to give my favourite dining room a fresh layer of paint. I Brushed the dust off the furniture, hung up some new photos and polished the wine glasses -ah oui, bien sur!- so everything is ready to host an awesome lot of new guests.

I am excited already!

Are you?

Here’s a sneak peek of what the city looks like:

See you soon!


*the “local” 15 minutes


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