Young Birds in Stormy Weather

Someone once told me: “Only when we discover other life outside our planet, we will feel connected to the other inhabitants of our world. Only then we will identify with our fellow ‘earthlings’.” Is that true? Do we construct our identity solely in opposition to others? There is a certain logic in this statement. I only knew what it feels like to be Belgian when … Continue reading Young Birds in Stormy Weather

Wanderlust – Interview with Oskar Schuster

There is no word that describes the urgent desire to explore, to travel, to see the world better than the German word ‘Wanderlust’. My path has led me to Berlin, where I am meeting a very inspiring person for my first interview ever. His name is Oskar Schuster, a young German composer with a warm character and a soft voice. It is cold when I … Continue reading Wanderlust – Interview with Oskar Schuster

Adventure of a Lifetime

About letting people in or not at all About being open open hearted minded   About trying & failing About forgiving About freedom About tears and fears About friendship trusting yourself someone else About being young and how to cope About stumbling About understanding -or at least trying to   About                             … Continue reading Adventure of a Lifetime

Eating Around the Globe: Germany

I know what you are thinking: “Lien, you are on Erasmus in Germany! When are you finally going to write about the German cuisine?” Well, your patience has been put to the test, but your waiting will be rewarded! Especially for you this article contains two recipes instead of one 😉 and I have some more good news for the sweet tooth amogst you: Today … Continue reading Eating Around the Globe: Germany

The International Dinner Table

Hello there! Welcome to my virtual housewarming party 🙂 Since this is my very first international blog post, I think it deserves to be celebrated! Feel free to take off your shoes and put your chair around my table, let’s make it warm and cosy! My name is Lien, I’m a Belgian student on Erasmus in Essen, Germany. I have been living here now for … Continue reading The International Dinner Table