à deux doigts

Dinsdag. Half twaalf. In het muffe leslokaal sleuren we ons met moeite door de al even muffe vakinhoud: Franse grammatica. Stoffige, klassieke, plaats-alles-in-tabelletjes-dan-snappen-ze-het-beter grammatica. Net op het moment wanneer we aan het gebruik van de subjonctif beland zijn, gaat de deur van het leslokaal langzaam open. Een brede kerel staat in de deuropening. Zijn ogen groot, zijn lippen samengeperst, in een excusez-moi-je-ne-voulais-pas-vous-déranger* uitdrukking trippelt hij … Continue reading à deux doigts

Wann sag ich wieder mein und meine alle?

Berlin, 9 november 1989. A huge crowd of agitated citizens gathers at the wall which splits their country in two parts. A physical wall, seperating loved ones, family, friendships. An idealistic wall, dividing two political systems, two utterly different beliefs in how to cope with a society and all its problems. A symbolic wall, representing fear and misunderstanding. The people scream, push and try to … Continue reading Wann sag ich wieder mein und meine alle?

Young Birds in Stormy Weather

Someone once told me: “Only when we discover other life outside our planet, we will feel connected to the other inhabitants of our world. Only then we will identify with our fellow ‘earthlings’.” Is that true? Do we construct our identity solely in opposition to others? There is a certain logic in this statement. I only knew what it feels like to be Belgian when … Continue reading Young Birds in Stormy Weather

A Collection of Impressions

The light was dim in the dining room and nobody spoke a word. A serene melancholy hung as a murky haze over the group of people who were gathered together. Time seemed to go unrealistically slow. Most of the food – a leftover from the weekend – lay cold and unappetizing on the large table. It spread a nasty smell in the house. Although the … Continue reading A Collection of Impressions

I Cried

And all of a sudden everybody started to scream. Gasps, cries, shouts, prayers filled the air. People were running, stumbling through the crowd, terror and bewilderment on everyone’s face. What had happened? What had happened? The air grew dense with anger, leaving hardly any space to breathe. More and more people came and joined the chaos, astonished by the recent horror. Upset, vexed, enraged. Tears. … Continue reading I Cried